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Exterior wall cleaning of Luohe Cigarette Factory

Luohe Cigarette Factory Outer Wall and Aluminum Plastic Panel Cleaning

河南漯河市源汇区人民东路518号 经过半个世纪的艰苦创业,现发展成为拥有职工2000余名,占地面积12万平方米,固定资产1.8亿元,年卷烟生产能力20万大箱,年他产值3亿元,年创利税超亿元的国有卷烟中型企业。 Luohe Cigarette Factory was built on May 1, 1949, located at No. 518 Renmin East Road, Yuanhui District , Luohe City , Henan . After half a century of hard work, it has now grown to have more than 2,000 employees and covers an area of 120,000 square meters. Fixed assets of 180 million yuan, annual production capacity of 200,000 boxes, annual output value of 300 million yuan, annual profits and taxes over 100 million yuan of state-owned cigarette enterprises. In February 2015, the cigarette factory contacted our company and asked to clean the exterior wall of the cigarette factory. 立即组织人员前去勘察,制定作业方案,组织人员进行作业。 In the face of a state-owned unit of this size, our company immediately organized personnel to investigate, formulate an operation plan, and organize personnel to perform operations.

Our project manager Li Quangang arrived at the site to check. The total area of the exterior wall cleaning of the cigarette factory with office building cleaning and production workshop is more than 20,000 square meters. The exterior wall materials are mainly made of aluminum-plastic panels, exterior wall ceramics, and glass curtain walls. Composition, the floor is more than 10 meters high. Cigarettes in the cigarette factory are polluted by rain and rust, and the glass of the curtain wall is covered with a thick layer of dust, which looks hazy. 采用高空悬吊作业的方式,准备专用的外墙瓷片清洗剂和幕墙玻璃清洗剂,对大楼进行清洁作业。 In response to the above situation, our company immediately worked out an operation plan, planning to employ ten professional external wall cranes each day, using high-altitude suspension operations to prepare special external wall porcelain cleaners and curtain wall glass cleaners. The building is cleaned.

First, preparations for cleaning

1. Tool preparation

Suspension equipment, high-pressure water gun, air pump two rubber hose, water pipe, water dispenser, bucket, plate brush, towel, etc.

2.Exterior wall porcelain cleaner and glass curtain wall cleaner

It is a highly effective cleaner suitable for decontaminating the surface of porcelain tiles. According to the degree of dirt on the surface of the external wall, it is diluted with water after use according to the instructions

Second, the external wall cleaning process

1. Use high-pressure water gun to clean the wall surface and get rid of floating dust

2. Check the wall for rust and stains, and remove stubborn dirt with a sol

3. Apply the wet water dispenser from one end of the wall to the wall evenly from top to bottom.

4. Depending on the degree of pollution on the wall, rub the wall with a brush and other auxiliary tools to remove dust and dirt.

5. Rinse the wall after brushing again with a high-pressure water gun until the wall is clear.

6. Don't leave medicinal solution on the wall to prevent chemical reaction caused by sunlight and corrode the wall

3. Cleaning procedures and acceptance criteria

1. Cleaning procedure

High-pressure water gun scouring-local decontamination-cleaning agent roll washing-high-pressure water gun scouring-self-inspection-cleaning the site

2. Acceptance standards

Clean, dust-free, and no removable contaminants

The cigarette factory leader gave us a week to meet the inspection work of the superiors and to select advanced civilized units. Time is tight, tasks are heavy, and cleaning quality must be ensured. This is a face-saving project for leaders of cigarette factories. After one week's hard work, we finally completed the task with high quality. Since then, the leaders of the cigarette factory also sent us a letter of thanks. It is precisely because of our serious and high-quality operations that the smooth selection of the work has been ensured.

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