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10 #, 11 #, Kowloon City Phase III

Exterior wall and indoor wasteland cleaning of 10 #, 11 # building of Kowloon City Phase III

Jiulong City is located 300 meters west of the intersection of Agricultural West Road and Tongbai Road, Zhongyuan District, with a total area of 430 acres and a total construction area of 1 million square meters. It is a residential, commercial, and commercial office format developed by Henan Yitong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Comprehensive building project. In April 2015, the construction of the 10 # and 11 # buildings was completed, and all external investment invitations were required. It was necessary to clean their facades and clean up the interior. After receiving a phone call, our company immediately sent a project manager to investigate the project on site and organize the construction.

As Kowloon City is tens of meters high, and with the completion of construction just now, there are more cement and stains on the facade, which makes the construction more difficult. 开荒是清洁工程之首,由于建筑工程中常常会遗留下许多垃圾污垢,各种地面石头,墙壁上会遗留下水泥浆块、油漆、玻璃胶、水污、锈迹等,这些都必须在开荒工作中清洗干净,所以它是一项最艰苦、最复杂、最费神的工作,开荒工程的好坏,直接影响到日后保洁工作的质量和档次,所以做好开荒保洁有着相当重要的要求。 And the wasteland cleaning is needed to clean the interior of the building, and wastelandbreaking is the first cleaning project. Because construction projects often leave a lot of rubbish and dirt, all kinds of ground stones, and cement slurry, paint, glass glue, water pollution, etc. will be left on the walls. Rust, etc., must be cleaned during land reclamation, so it is one of the most difficult, complicated, and labor-intensive work. The quality of land reclamation projects directly affects the quality and grade of cleaning work in the future, so do it well Wasteland cleaning has quite important requirements. Land reclamation cleaning is the first cleaning of the index. It focuses on the problems of stains, garbage and dust left over from decoration. The purpose is to clean all the pollution caused by the construction or decoration of the building, and also to leave it for future fine cleaning. Convenient way. As the building will be delivered and used in the near future, and the construction period is tight, our company immediately organized a group of talented soldiers who opened up wasteland and cleaned up and went to the cleaning frontline.

This time there are about a hundred staff members, which is one of the major projects that our company has taken over. According to the actual pollution situation of the building and our many years of operating experience, we carry out large-scale professional land reclamation and cleaning operations on the building.

I. Tool preparation:

Such as large vacuum cleaners, multi-functional floor cleaners, glass set tools, extension rods, ladders, buckets, ladles, marble blades, scrapers, applicators, etc.

Preparation of Pharmacy:

Such as all-round cleaners, glass cleaners, tile cleaners, ceramic beautifiers, glue removers, stain removers, acid cleaners, toilet cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, stainless steel brighteners, furniture waxes, etc.

III. Land reclamation procedures

1. First clean up the decoration garbage left on the site;

2. Comprehensive vacuuming from top to bottom;
3. Wipe the glass: first wipe the glass frame with a towel, then dilute the diluted glass solution with a water applicator, and apply the glass evenly from top to bottom. Remove any stubborn stains with a spatula and repeat the above process. Use a scraper to scrape from top to bottom, wipe the water marks left on the frame with a dry towel, and wipe the water marks on the glass with newspaper.
4. Bathroom: adhere to the top-down principle, first identify the material of the bathroom roof, whether it is PVC or aluminum-plastic board or paint, and then use different cleaning methods to clean according to different materials; use a cleaning ball or It is a brush to clean the wall of the bathroom, focusing on the gaps in the tiles, and the glue marks, paint spots, and cement stains left on the tile surface. Use a towel to clean the bathroom's sanitary ware, and use stainless steel cleaning liquid to clean various faucets and pipes. The floor machine finally cleans the floor tiles (wood flooring cannot be used with a scrubber), especially the corners of the floor. Use cleaning balls and blades to perform targeted decontamination and cement removal on the corners that the scrubber cannot wash. Finally, after checking that there are no omissions, wipe the faucet and other pipes with a dry towel.
5. Kitchen: The procedure is the same as above. Note: Because there are many stainless steel fittings in the kitchen, cleaning should be the focus.
6. Bedrooms and halls: Use dusters or vacuum cleaners for dust removal on the walls, and wipe the lamps, switch boxes, smoke exhaust units, air conditioning outlets, and air outlets.

7. Door and frame: distinguish the material of the door, wipe it with a towel after diluting it with a professional cleaner, the procedure is also from top to bottom, stack the towels into squares, and wipe from left to right from the top of the door. There must be no omissions. Glue stains can be treated with glue remover; the procedure of the frame is the same as the cleaning procedure of the door, and there must be no omissions and no dead ends.

8. Floor cleaning: After finishing all the work, the floor is cleaned. The floor must also be divided into materials, whether it is wooden floor, tile or stone. After the separation, choose a special cleaner to dilute. Start cleaning. Adhesive stains on the ground can be removed with a blade, and stubbornness can be treated with a glue remover. After the last process is completed, the foreman should check it thoroughly and evacuate the site after confirming that nothing remains.

9, ground line: wipe with a towel, use a blade to remove all kinds of glue marks, paint spots, etc.
10. Wall surface: pay attention to the material when cleaning the wall, and pay attention to the impurities left on the wall of the stone and wooden board.

Fourth, service standards

1. Standards for glass: visually, no water marks, no fingerprints, no stains, bright and clean.

2. Bathroom standards: No color difference on the wall, no obvious stains, no paint spots, no glue marks, clean and bright sanitary ware, bright and clean stainless steel pipes, no dead corners, no omissions, no odor on the floor.
3. Kitchen standards: No color difference on the wall, no obvious stains, no paint spots, no glue marks, bright and clean stainless steel pipes, no dead corners on the floor, no omissions.

4. Standards for bedrooms and halls: no dust on the walls, clean lamps and lanterns, clean and no glue stains on the switch box, no dust and no glue points on the air outlet and air conditioning outlet;
5, door and frame standards: no glue stains, no paint spots, smooth touch, shiny, no dust on the edge of the door.

6, the ground standards: no glue stains on wooden floors, clean; tiles without dust, no paint spots, no cement stains, shiny; stone without stains, no glue spots, high gloss.

After nearly ten days of hard work, the building in Kowloon City has been cleaned and cleaned from the inside out. The building has been able to attract investment from the community. Our serious, fast and efficient work has also been recognized by Party A and reached an agreement with us. Long-term cleaning agreement

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