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With the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization, more urban buildings have appeared, and the problem of building pollution has become increasingly prominent. The most prominent is the exposed exterior walls of buildings. The external wall of the building is subjected to wind and sun all year round to produce natural weathering. Various kinds of dust in the atmosphere are attached to the exterior of the building. The direct action of many corrosive substances also causes the exterior of the building to be polluted and damaged, and the exterior of the building is cleaned. It cannot be satisfied by traditional cleaning methods, and requires professional cleaning and cleaning services.
The dirt adhered to the building's exterior wall is generally firmly combined with the building surface, because the unconsolidated dirt has been washed away by wind and rain, and the remaining dirt can be roughly divided into the left categories :
● Dust combined with coulomb force on the wall;
● Dust, confetti leaves and other solid dirt adhered to the wall by organic matter;
● After flying at high speed, they collided with the wall, and the insects and bird debris that adhered to the wall after death;
● Air pollution, rust spots formed on the exterior wall surface;
● Water streaks left by rainwater containing organic matter and inorganic salts;
● Dirt entrained by rainwater left from the roof.
At present, cities are more and more aware that the cleanliness of buildings directly represents the appearance of the city, and developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have issued a series of local regulations for this purpose, requiring owners of buildings to clean the exterior walls regularly. .
High-altitude exterior wall cleaning services are generally charged by area, and the unit price is determined based on factors such as cleaning materials, cleaning agents, cleaning difficulty, cleaning area, cleaning height, and cleaning requirements.
我们更安全 03 we are safer
1. Safety professional site management During the construction process, we have several safety administrators and one project manager with more than ten years of work experience. We will do a good job of project evaluation and make a safe and scientific construction plan to ensure safe construction. .
2. Safe operating tools and operating methods Whether it is the choice of hanging ropes or safety guide rails at high altitudes, we ensure that each item is in place to work safely beforehand. We promise to use safe cleaners that comply with national regulations, all for cleaning quality and building wall safety.
3. The safety management concept is strictly in accordance with the national GB23525-2009 "Safety Specifications for Seated Single-Person Slings," and construction is carried out in accordance with safe operating techniques.
我们更有保障 04We are more secure
1. We protect the interests of employees. Employees engaged in high-altitude operations in our company have already purchased "Employer Liability Insurance" for them at Dadi Insurance Company to ensure the safety of employees.
2. We protect the interests of our customers. Our company is committed to not using strong acids and alkali cleaners in building maintenance to ensure the quality of building construction. Our company has more perfect after-sales service, and everything takes the interests of customers as the first action criterion.
我们更专业 01 we are more professional
1. Professional external wall cleaning companies have been engaged in aerial work for more than ten years, with advanced cleaning technology and strong cleaning strength.
2. The professional construction team now has more than 100 full-time employees, most of whom have more than five years of work experience, and all of them have received technical training and hold certificates.
3. Professional safety management enterprise We are an enterprise that has obtained the safety production qualification certificate, a three-level cleaning qualification enterprise certified by the Provincial Cleaning Association, and one of the top ten civilized units in the cleaning industry in Henan Province.
我们更先进 02 we are more advanced
1. Advanced construction concept We can develop a targeted building cleaning and maintenance plan for different characteristics of the building to ensure construction quality.
2. Advanced management concept The company's external wall cleaning department has a project manager, project foreman, safety supervision, etc. to ensure that each construction reaches perfect quality. We are a safety management company certified by ISO9001 and ISO4001.
3. Advanced corporate culture respects cleaning is committed to the cleanliness and maintenance of buildings, forming a people-oriented, harmonious environment-centric, common development of corporate culture. Hand in hand salutation to make you satisfied.

High-altitude exterior wall cleaning services are generally charged by area, and the unit price is determined based on factors such as cleaning materials, cleaning agents, cleaning difficulty, cleaning area, cleaning height, and cleaning requirements.
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