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Stone conservation


专业的施工队伍,石材养护更放心 02Professional construction team, more assured in stone maintenance
We have dozens of technicians who have been engaged in stone maintenance for more than 5 years. They not only have rich operation experience, but also have formal training in business. It is their expertise in stone care that guarantees high standards of construction quality.

专业的售后保障,让您无后顾之忧 04Professional after-sales protection, so you have no worries
We not only pay attention to high quality standards in construction, we also promise that after the maintenance of the stone, we will help you solve any problems in the future. We are your intimate after-sales consultant. Holding a respectful hand, the cooperation will last forever. The company is looking forward to cooperating with you.

01 Professional stone conservation knowledge, more professional stone conservation
According to the characteristics of stone as a porous material, from refurbishment to smoothing, and from cleaning to curing, we provide targeted stone maintenance solutions for stone diseases. Professional, reliable and trustworthy.

专业的现场管理,确保石材光鲜靓丽 03Professional site management to ensure that the stone is beautiful and beautiful
Stone, as a natural decorative jewelry, has low resistance to acids and alkalis, and strict on-site control during construction can ensure the bright and beautiful stone after maintenance. We have a project manager and several on-site management and control personnel in the field construction to ensure the quality of construction.


High-altitude exterior wall cleaning services are generally charged by area, and the unit price is determined based on factors such as cleaning materials, cleaning agents, cleaning difficulty, cleaning area, cleaning height, and cleaning requirements.
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