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10 years specialized in high-altitude exterior wall cleaning and stone conservation
Create the first brand in Henan cleaning industry
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Professional aerial work, exterior wall cleaning, exterior wall paint stucco, real stone paint. To undertake all high-altitude installation and maintenance. Install downpipes and large billboards. Professional incurable diseases Put down trees and cut trees, clean large range hoods, professional stone maintenance, renovation, terrazzo renovation maintenance. Undertake cleaning, professional cleaning and professional carpet cleaning of school and office buildings of enterprises and institutions. Our company is a regular company registered by the Industry and Commerce Bureau. It has high-altitude qualification certificates issued by the Henan Cleaning Industry Association and the Safety Supervision Bureau, as well as enterprise-level certificates and group commercial insurance. Every aspect of our company can give you peace of mind. The team of this platform is based on excellence, wins by quality, and safety is the standard. It takes the top international technology and one-stop to undertake the external wall business, a trust, a hundred peace of mind. , Cooperation and win-win situation, let us work together to win the future. Our prices are the best and you can trust them.

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Contact: Manager Li Phone: 13523076207
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