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Tribute Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a collection of exterior wall cleaning, exterior wall installation, exterior wall painting, engineering cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, enterprise and institution cleaning, stone renovation and maintenance, crystallization, floor cleaning and waxing, and property management. Comprehensive cleaning company. The company consists of dozens of management departments including finance department, security management department, engineering department, training department, stone conservation department, and personnel department. The company has a perfect structure and strict management, and has formed a management philosophy of seeking survival with credit and development with quality.

After decades of development, the company has continuously improved in practice, innovated and strengthened in practice. The company has signed long-term cleaning agreements with hundreds of enterprises, dozens of party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, schools, etc., and assisted these party and government agencies and schools to obtain the title of municipal civilized units. Thousands of wall cleaning staff and stone maintenance staff have created opportunities for them to re-employ. There are hundreds of professional exterior wall cleaners and stone conservation technicians.

Zhengzhou pays tribute to management, science, service, quality, communication, integrity, and innovation. With democratic management, humanized service, and a social network, we develop the market, expand the market, and guide the market. We have won the trust of our customers. , Achieved extraordinary results, is recognized by the Provincial Cleaning Association with a three-level cleaning qualification enterprises, but also a full member of the cleaning association. Because of this, the development of respect and cleaning in the past two years has attracted the attention of the TV station media and relevant government departments. The company has successively appeared in interviews on aerial work on Henan TV and other relevant media, and has also received commendation from government departments! The company has successively won honors such as “Henan Provincial Cleaning and Civilization Unit”, “Reemployment Training Base for Laid-off Workers”, “Top 10 Henan Procter & Gamblers”, and General Manager Mr. Li Quangang also received “Henan Clean Star”, "Provincial Top Ten Model Workers", "Hundred Spiderman Contest Champions" and other honorary titles.

After ten years of development and technology accumulation, after decades of ups and downs, the company has formed a clear company culture, rich technology accumulation, strict management, and quality is the characteristics of life.

The company pays tribute to the cleaning and maintenance of the building, forming a people-oriented, harmonious environment as the center, never give up, and constantly forward the corporate culture. In terms of internal performance, we pay more attention to the vital interests of employees. We not only care about employees' living conditions, but also pay more attention to their work safety. We buy life insurance for every employee, and regularly train employees to improve their professionalism and their own quality. This also ensures that our thinking is unified, thus creating a concerted and professional construction team. In external performance, the respect company pays more attention to the environment itself. In recent years, as the environmental quality has deteriorated, people's living standards have also decreased. The respect company has its own dreams and missions for these issues. The dream of respect is to reduce environmental pollution, and use professional services and actions to make our own contribution to environmental change. I also look forward to more people joining us to work together for the beautiful Henan and clean Henan!

The company's experience in construction technology and safety management is also unique. The company has a security management department, which is responsible for the safety management of the construction site, with clear powers and responsibilities, to ensure that no hidden dangers exist. The company's employees engaged in aerial work are all trained and certified to work. Most of them have more than five years of aerial work experience, and they work efficiently and pay attention to quality. In safety management, the company strictly implements on-site safety management in strict accordance with national requirements GB23525-2009 "Safety Technical Specifications for Seated Board Single Hanger Suspension Operation". During the construction, the company will send a project manager with more than ten years to ensure the construction quality and formulate a reliable and targeted operation case. The cleaning agent used by the company complies with national standards, avoiding damage to the building wall and ensuring the building is bright and beautiful!

The company pays attention to the quality of construction. Quality is the life of the company. It has already reached a consensus within the company. Regardless of the pre-construction scheme design or post-construction project acceptance, our company is stricter and more serious about the details to ensure that each construction will satisfy customers and hope to reach a long-term cooperation consensus with you. Henan Provincial Forestry Planning Institute, Provincial Fifth High School, Provincial Public Security Bureau, Luohe Cigarette Factory, Zhengzhou Laiya Industrial and other government units and enterprises and institutions are our long-term partners. We also look forward to more people joining us. We Also very happy to bring you professional cleaning service!

With respect to the efforts of all staff, Dedication Cleaning is committed to providing safe and professional cleaning and maintenance services for buildings, which is in line with the policy of green cities and environmentally friendly cities advocated by the state. Strive to improve the service quality of employees and provide customers with assured, intimate and satisfactory services. Strive to build the first cleaning service brand in Central Plains and strive to be a leader in the building cleaning industry.

Holding a hand of respect, companionship forever, the company looks forward to working with you to create brilliant!


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