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Hello and welcome to Respect Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.
10 years specialized in high-altitude exterior wall cleaning and stone conservation
Create the first brand in Henan cleaning industry
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Tribute Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a collection of exterior wall cleaning, exterior wall installation, exterior wall painting, engineering cleaning, shopping mall cleaning, enterprise and institution cleaning, stone renovation and maintenance, crystallization, floor cleaning and waxing, and property management. Comprehensive cleaning company. The company consists of dozens of management departments including finance department, security management department, engineering department, training department, stone conservation department and personnel department. The company has a sound structure and strict management, and has formed a management philosophy of seeking survival with credit and development with quality.
After decades of development, the company has continuously improved in practice, innovated and strengthened in practice. The company has signed long-term cleaning agreements with hundreds of enterprises, dozens of party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, schools, etc., and assisted these party and government agencies and schools to obtain the title of municipal civilized units. Thousands of wall cleaning staff and stone maintenance staff have created opportunities for them to re-employ. There are hundreds of professional exterior wall cleaners and stone conservation technicians.

Professional exterior wall cleaning construction team

All the employees of our company have undergone professional safety training, and all of them have certificates to work. Most of them have more than eight years of construction experience. Professional, reliable and trustworthy.

Safety Management Concept

Operate in strict accordance with operating specifications, strict construction management and control, eliminate the existence of hidden dangers, and ensure safe production. Safe and secure.

Near perfect construction quality

Regardless of the professional cleaners or the construction personnel we use, we have carefully selected for you and tailored the operation plan to ensure that you are satisfied and that the quality of each construction is close to perfect.

Professional after-sales service

We promise that the cleaning agent used meets the national requirements. If there is any problem after sale, our after-sales service team will solve it for you as soon as possible.
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